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Late Pledge / Pre-order option for Era of Kingdoms! This option includes all unlocked stretch goals and will be fulfilled with the original Kickstarter pledges. Includes a free Print and Play version of the game immediately!

This is a late pledge for a Kickstarter project that has already completed and successfully funded. You can view the original Kickstarter here.The ship date is not final and the estimated ship date is March 2019.

Era of Kingdoms is a quick-playing kingdom building game that will leave you wanting to play again. Each turn provides players a wide array of options and tools to pull ahead. You can focus on improving the lands of your kingdom, upgrading from simple meadows to a thriving economic engine. Or perhaps you'd rather battle your way to victory, plundering the other kingdoms' riches. With limited space to build and only three positions for key advisers, strategic decisions must be made to guarantee victory.

 Now unlocked, the Trade Route. 

A free mini-expansion for backers of any physical copy pledge. The Trade Route includes supplemental rules featuring a card drafting mechanic, new interaction using the Riches cards, and a new beautifully illustrated center game board -- now unlocked!

New Trade Route cards have been unlocked!


Ruler Traits have been unlocked for backers!

An optional mini-expansion that adds more depth, asymmetry, and replay value. Wall your kingdom off, by taking the Isolationist Trait, or hoard as much gold as you can, by taking the Avaricious Trait. Bring your kingdom to new heights with the Ambitious Trait, or swindle your opponents with the Mercantile Trait.

In the solo mode, race against an ever-expanding rival as you try to out-build and outscore the shadow kingdom.  

A second solo mode, Conquest of the King, has been unlocked!! 

Read more details about this lite dungeon crawling mode, here!

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"A great combo between engine building and resource management while still giving me that deck builder feel, which I really like" - Blind Playtester

"Dominion fans out there are probably going to enjoy this game for a long long time" - Unfiltered Gamer

"The best part for me was definitely drawing at the end of each turn. Each hand is like a little puzzle where I need to figure out how to get the most value from it." -VVildcard

Unedited audio from a blind playtest at a convention:

The current rules can be found here.

Solo mode game play video with the developer

I missed counting 2 VP for the Shadow Kingdom, can anyone figure out how many points the Shadow Kingdom had, and if I won this game or not? The rule book might come in handy! Comment if you've figured it out.

Game Overview from Board Game Coffee

Set up

The Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced decks are placed in the middle of the table. Each player sets a Kingdom Board, 3 Riches cards, and a Center Land card in front of them

Action Phase 

Each player gets 3 actions per turn to improve their kingdoms, progress to better decks, and gather as many victory points as possible.


  •  Playing a card from their hand 
  •  Drawing or drafting a Basic card

Players will play Land, Person, Event and Victory cards as they advance their kingdom.

Land Cards - The foundation of any kingdom. With only 8 tiles available for land cards players must make their choices carefully. Resource land cards can stack and upgrade resource cards of the same type.
Person Cards - The life force of a kingdom. Person cards will add resource, strength and defense to your kingdom and will play a vital role in balancing war and prosperity.

Event Cards - Events can alter the course of medieval history, but make sure it's in your favor. A key component to player interactivity, these cards add another layer of strategy. As you progress to higher decks, the event cards become more powerful allowing for victory point swings and keeping each game close right down to the very end. 

Victory Cards - Great achievements rewarded only to those that seize the opportunity. Victory cards allows players to boost their kingdom to glory, provided they meet the demands.

Discard Phase

Each player can then choose to discard any number of cards from their hand. They will redraw back to their maximum hand size during the final phase of their turn.

Deck Check Phase 

Each player checks to see if they can upgrade their kingdom based on the level of cards they have in play. Once a player has met the requirements, they can upgrade their kingdom and Center Land. They will be able to draw according to their upgraded Kingdom Level in the next phase.

Draw Phase

At the end of a player’s turn, they draft or draw cards back to their maximum hand size. Each card in the draft is replaced when selected. The maximum hand size by default is 5, but it can be expanded by certain cards.

End of Game 

There is an “Age of Enlightenment” card within the Advanced deck. When this card is drawn, each player will play one final turn. After all turns are played, each player will count their current Victory Points (VP). The player with the most VPs wins!

Solo Mode 

Race Against the Shadow Kingdom

In the Solo mode, the game's setup, player turn actions, and player scoring are identical to the normal rules. After each turn the player takes, cards are drawn and placed face up for the Shadow Kingdom. The amount and type of cards drawn for the Shadow Kingdom depends on the player's current kingdom progression. The player can use Event cards against the Shadow Kingdom but be warned, if Event cards are drawn by the Shadow Kingdom there are unique effects that may occur.

After the player draws the Age of Enlightenment card, the player's Victory Points are compared against the Shadow Kingdoms, the latter using a special scoring method.

Conquest of the King

Read more details about this lite dungeon crawling mode, here!

Naming Rules  

Keeping the medieval theme is very important to us. We want backers to be able to include their own personal touch to our game but it must fit the following rules. 

  • For the Person Cards, this can be any variant of First Name, Last Name and a Title within 35 characters. Land card names can be more flexible but all must stay within the theme.
  • We will work with you to agree upon a name but we reserve the right to decline any name that we feel would be detrimental to the game
  • There will be a deadline for sending your name requests to us. If you do not meet this deadline, we won't be able to use your chosen name. You will still be printed as a SIlver or Gold supporter in the rule book.
  • There will be a deadline for sending in a photo for your portrait to be added in to the game. Our talented illustrator, Jeff, may have some preferences in lighting or pose, so sending a couple reference images will help.
The Portrait tier will have our Illustrator, Jeff Porter, paint you into the game. Your portrait will match the art style of the game in this unique opportunity. 
 (An example of my lovely wife as the Farm Hand.)

 Language translation

We are planning on having the rules be translated to the following languages available online as a PDF: German, Spanish, Italian, French, and Portuguese. If you would like to help translate or proof read, send us a message!
+Customs Friendly Shipping to: US, EU, Canada, Australia, and China backers.