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This is a great game! With all the expansions it really hits the sweet spot. It was exactly how I expected to be. I loved seeing my little village turn into a bustling city. And it played so quick! Less than 45min for a 2 player learning game. I think this is going to replace 7 Wonders for me. And the art is gorgeous.


Fantastic artwork, easy rules and gameplay that still feels in depth and works well. Solo play against the Shadow Kingdom is amazing too!

Wolfgang B.

This game is a pleasure! I enjoyed the strategy and decisions I had to make, I enjoyed building and improving my kingdom (engine). There are ways to interact with the other players, sometimes positively, other times not. But the take that element wasn't ever too harsh, and there were often ways to protect yourself or recover. The hand management aspect also led to some good tough decisions.


By design it is difficult for any player to run away with the game, but still has enough variety of tactics to make it interesting. The theme works quite well with the actual gameplay.


Now on to gameplay, this game has already found it's way to our table five times since we received it just two weeks ago. Considering this game arrived during a time where we just received some other new games and were in the middle of a legacy game campaign I am surprised it made it to the table at all. Overall, I think this is a very good game.


A very good game. Well designed with good looking cards and boards.


I have played it solo 6 times already. I love it!

Stephanie S.

New family fave

Kynan S.

After a handful of playthroughs (a couple of Shadow Kingdom solos, one duo, and a couple of four-player games) I can say this will stay in the rotation for a while!

Andrew S.

Upgrade your Kingdom's Lands

Appoint Powerful Subjects

Trade Route Mini-Expansion

Remove the luck-of-the-draw with the Trade Route Mini-Expansion. Allows you to draft your cards each turn and provides unique event cards that allow you to keep the draft fresh and adds adjacency bonuses!

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